Glories of Gopi Bhumi – I

Hearing the glories of Gopi-Bhumi removes all sins. Simply by hearing about Gopi-Bhumi, which is so named because the gopis resided there, one becomes free from the bondage of karma.

“In Gopi-Bhumi, gopi-candana was manifested from the gopis’ cosmetics. One who marks his limbs with gopi-candana tilaka attains the result of bathing in the Ganga. One who daily wears gopi-candana tilaka attains the pious result of daily bathing in all sacred rivers. One who daily wears gopi-candana tilaka attains the result of performing one thousand asvamedha-yajnas and one hundred Rajasuya yajnas. He attains the result of giving charity and following vows at all holy places. He attains the goal of life. Of this there is no doubt.”

Twice as sacred as the mud of Ganga is the dust of Citrakuta. Ten times more sacred than that is the dust of Pancavati-tirtha. One hundred times more sacred is the dust of gopi-candana. Please know that gopi-candana is equal to the dust of Vrindavana.”

Gopi candana tilak“Even if, in past, he has committed hundreds of sins, if a person wears gopi-candana tilaka, yamaraja cannot take him away. How then can Yamaraja’s messengers touch him? A sinner who daily wears gopi-candana tilaka goes to Lord Krsna’s supreme abode, Goloka, which is beyond the world of matter.”

– Garga Samhita


Check out the story illustrating the glories of gopi-candana HERE



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  1. Amazed to know the glories of Gopi-Candana!

  2. preeti kumari says:

    whoever wears Gopichandan it reminds other person the remembrance of the Lord Krishna it is nice to know so many facts how important is to wear Gopi chandan

  3. A magnificent glorification of gopi-candana.

  4. Himanshu Goel says:

    No value of anything in this whole universe in front of spec of dust of Gopi bhumi

  5. Ravi Garg says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article……..It is very important to know scientifically every aspect of devotional service…….

  6. Thanks for sharing glories of Gopi chandan.One who daily wears gopi-candana tilaka attains the result of performing one thousand asvamedha-yajnas and one hundred Rajasuya yajnas.

  7. Sumit Sharma says:

    Thank you for sharing the glories of Gopi-Chandan!

  8. N. Swaminathan says:

    Gopi candana ki jaya

  9. I had practically no idea about the glories of wearing tilaka from Gopi chandan. This has been so nicely presented here. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable piece of knowledge.

  10. Yes ,Gopies are the life air of lord sri krishna……..Thanks for sharing

  11. A vaisnava with tilak reminds of the Supreme Lord, His Name, His qualities and His Pastimes…

  12. Gokul Sundari Devi Dasi says:

    Thank u so much for sharing the glories of Gopi chandan..

  13. ANKUR GUPTA says:

    GREAT…it is an ornament for the vaisnavas..

  14. Sri Ishwari says:

    Very nice information of Gopi Bhumi.

  15. Milind M Churi says:

    Very nice information about Gopi-Bhumi.It will help us mark our body daily with Gopi Chandana.Thank you very much for such knowledge.

  16. OMG thats really wonderful !!!

  17. Sanjay Nadkarni says:

    Thanks Radhanath Maharaj, from today onwards I will always put up a Tilaka…

  18. Vidya Patham says:

    Thank you for sharing the glories of gopi chandan and the results of wearing tilak.

  19. Thanks to Radhanath maharaj for sharing glories of gopichnadan. Yamaraj does not take one who wears it then what to speak of yamadutas.

  20. Kalpana Kulkarni says:

    Thank you for sharing the glories of Gopi chandana. Gives a lot of hope to all of us.

  21. Many thanks for sharing these glorious details about tilak on this lovely website of swami Radhanath

  22. its really promising :)

  23. Y.Raja Shekar says:

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful and pure nature of Gopi-Candana. That is why HH Radhanath Swami always emphaises not to waste even a drop of Gopi-Candana.

  24. Thank you for sharing this article on importance of candan.

  25. Glorious. 

  26. wow very nice

  27. Very nice description of the significance of Gopi-Chandan!

  28. Thank you sharing this wonderful story about the gopi candan.

  29. Aher Ankush says:

    Jai Ho…..

  30. Chandraprakash says:

    gopi bhumi is really  glorious

  31. Chandraprakash says:

    gopi bhumi is really  glorious

  32. Hemant Solanki says:

    One of the nicest
    articles on personalized leadership – thank you for posting it!

  33. Hemant Solanki says:

    One of the nicest
    articles  thank you for posting it!

  34. This is awesome never heard of these glories earlier .. thank you very much for sharing.

  35. Nice information

  36. Thank you for sharing the glories of wearing tilak

  37. amazing.. thank you for sharing with us the glories of gopi chandana

  38. Ram Mahtani says:

    A simple act of wearing Gopicandan tilak can yield etenal results !! JAI !! How foolish it would be not to wear it.

  39. Thank you for the nice story about importance of Gopi chandan!

  40. Kuldeep Soni says:

    Very nice article with great benediction.

  41. Rajendra Prasad says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing glories of gopi chandan.

  42. dhruv paleja says:

    Gopi chandan ki jai

  43. hare krishna prjis

  44. Thank you for sharing this very precious information.

  45. Very nice article

  46. Piyush Singh says:

    Amazing that such wonderful results are obtainable by such a simple act. Thank you for sharing.

  47. Thanks for sharing the importance of Gopi chandan

  48. Amazing!

  49. samir paleja says:

    thanx for posting fantastic article.

  50. Tallam Sita Ramaiah says:

    This is very useful to understand the glories of gopichandan. All glories to H.H Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

  51. wonderful!

  52. sandeep kaimal says:

    all these years i never knew of these facts thank you very much very inspiring

  53. Naveen Krishna das says:

    Amazing!!! All glories to Gopi chandan,,, All glories to the devotees who put the Gopi chandan.. Al glories to that sweet Lord who is giving the Gopi chandan..

  54. Amazing post thank you very much.

  55. Nice pastime.

  56. Kathiresan says:

    Very inspiring pastime of Gopi chandana.

  57. The greatness of Gopichandana tilaka is very nicly explained. Thanks a lot. all glories to all vaisnavas.

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  61. Abhinav Mutreja says:

    Hope Giving Talk !

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    Simply Amazing! Thanks to lord for giving us so many opportunities to save us from yamaraj!

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  66. Very inspiring to see that the students of Radhanath swami are sharing such wonderful glories of wearing sacred markings on the body. Many thanks for sharing

  67. Jagannath Dham Das says:

    Very inspiring glories of Gopi Chanadan ! Heard for the first time !
    Thanks for sharing it !
    Hare Krishna !

  68. Hare. Krishna.

  69. Vaibhav Sharma says:

    My enthusiasm to wear this sacred gopi-chandana tilak has increased after reading this post. Thank you very much.

  70. Kalpana Kulkarni says:

    Thank you for the information about the glories of gopi chandana.

  71. Vidya Patham says:

    Thank you for presenting so nicely the glories of gopi chandan.

  72. Citra Gopi DD says:

    Great article.

  73. great. I never knew it is so glorious to wear tilak.

  74. Never knew that gopichandan comes from the gopi's cosmetics…very special, thanks for sharing!

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  76. Ravi Rawat says:

    nice info

  77. Rakeshh Chandrra says:

    Jai! Really inspiring.

  78. Shyam Mahtani says:

    This body incomplete without gopi Chandan adorning it. Thank you for reminding us.

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  81. ravinder patel says:

    Hari krishna….thank u for elaborating Gopi chandan….

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    Wonderful article.

  85. satish rane says:

    excellent glories of gopi chandan……..i never heard such glories earlier…. hare krishna………i feel one will also become blissful like the little one in photo after wearing gopi chandan on daily basis………blissful devotee……that is krsna conciousness………hare krishna.

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    Just knowing this fact itself is so purifying. All glories to Maharaj.

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