Radhanath Swami on changing destiny

Radhanath Swami on changing destiny:

A young man said to an elderly person,” Why try when it is not in our destiny?”. The wise elderly person replied,” Maybe, it is written in destiny, that when you try, you may get it”. The young man fell amusingly silent.

What is my destiny? Whatever is in my destiny, i will get and whatever is not in my destiny, i will not get. Can i change my destiny?

Radhanath Swami explains that these questions perplexes the masses in large and many a time their activities are based on their conclusions.

Radhanath Swami changing destiny

Once death messengers came unannounced (the way they do) into a rich man’s house. The rich man was surprised at this visit and asked them whether they could wait. They said in the nagative and showed him their list which topped his name. The man very nicely welcomed them and asked them whether they would take a drink. They agreed and the man mixed some sleeping pills in the drink and after drinking it the messengers went to deep sleep. The man took the list from them, striked his name from the first row and wrote it in the last row. After few hours, the messengers woke up and congratulated the rich man for his nice reception and drink. They said,” We are so pleased with you…we will do a favor to you. Normally, we begin from the first row in the list. Today we will begin from the last row”. The man left his body just hearing that.


So it is largely widespread understanding that destiny cannot be changed. But the scriptures reveal that it can be changed. Say for e.g. if you are in a train and overstep a man’s feet. The man is irked and slaps you. Now what you do determines your future reaction. Let us see it like this:
1. You slap back ( you just created a reaction for getting back a slap)
2. You could just rebuke him severely ( You just created a reaction for getting a severe rebuke for yourself)
3. You could just forgive ( Thinking that it was your karma, you just kept silent and asked for  forgiveness. This action of yours has stopped the cycle of slaps. The man could melt and he could have also asked for forgiveness thereby reducing his reaction. So your action can create multiple reactions)

H H Hridayananda Swami explains that a man wants to go to a place and he takes a flight for it. Once he is on the flight he cannot reverse his decision to fly. So when we are in this body, we have to suffer or enjoy whatever is due to us for this body. But if the man picks up a quarrel in the flight with an air-hostess and smashes her, then he will be bound by the law when the plane lands. Similarly when we have gotten this body, the actions we do in this body will determine our next body and reactions.So whatever has to come will come, but how we react to that will determine what comes next and which is in our hands…

Radhanath Swami quotes gita for changing destinyRadhanath Swami quotes from the Bhagavad Gita to illustrate the best and surest way to change destiny all together which is given by Sri Lord Krishna as follows:

[quote]Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear.[/quote]


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