Radhanath Swami on real King

Today’s world is so much full of political hyprocrisy that there is hardly anyone who can be voted to be the leader. India, today is facing a major turmoil at the political front with many many groups trying to pull each other with crab-like mentality. We can hardly spot someone who is interested to benefit the masses but all that is conspicuous are people who only want to malign their opposites and gain position to amass power and wealth at somebody else’s cost. It is a bleak sight. However, amidst all these, what can truly sustain a commoner is spiritual culture. It is however, interesting to note that the same bharath varsha had many many great leaders as rajarishis who were ideal kings and ruled over with such sense of service attitude that his subjects would do anything for him and the king would do anything for his subjects considering them as his children. Such a person was King Shibi. It is the duty of a king to maintain, protect and everyone satisfied. Everyone means not only the rich and poor people but also the animals, trees, etc.
Radhanath Swami on a real kingH H Radhanath Swami quotes the story from Srimad Bahagavatam. Once in the kingdom of Shibi maharaj, came flying, a pigeon followed by a hawk. The hawk was preying on it. And the pigeon flew directly to Shibi maharaj and asked for shelter and protection. King Shibi offered shelter and protection to the pigeon instantly. To this the hawk was disturbed and said, how is it that to protect one subject of your kingdom, you are rejecting another subject? I also am under your rule and by giving protection to this pigeon, you are making me devoid of my food. Shibi maharaj said i will give you anything you want, but spare this pigeon. Maharaj Shibi was not some loner or a failure. He was a great great king with such opulence, practically ruling the entire world, beautiful family and everything which everyone else in today’s time would envy him for. And he had this attitude of serving his subjects lovingly. The hawk said, alright, give me a portion of your flesh equal to the weight of this pigeon and i will be satisfied. Maharaj Shibi said alright, you can have that. And true to his words, the king chopped a portion of flesh from his body and put it on the weighing scale with the pigeon on the other side. But the pigeon outweighed and maharaj cut another flesh but the other side of the scale was always down. Finally he himself sat on the scale and then the scale came to an equal balance. Maharaj Shibi offered himself to the hawk and said, Now, eat me, if it means to give my life to serve you. At the time, the hawk and the pigeon transformed themselves to their real original demigod position and said, Dear King, we just wanted to show to the world what is a real king. How the king is not exploitative and how the king is not taking office for any type of aggrandizement. He is the simple servant of every creature within his kingdom.
H H Radhanath Swami says, “A real king or leader has this mentality of always serving his subjects or followers and due to this everyone respects him and trusts him”.


  1. Ravi Garg says:

    Wonderful & encouraging story from Srimad Bhagavatam…….

  2. Y. Raja Shekar says:

    Like King Shibi, HH Radhanath Swami also tirelessly putting austere efforts to give the ultimate benefit of connecting all the living entities with Supreme father, Krishna.

  3. “A real king or leader has this mentality of always serving his subjects or followers and due to this everyone respects him and trusts him”-nice to know this.

  4. Thank you HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj for sharing wonderful teachings from sastra exemplifying who is a real king.

  5. Nice lecture by HH Radhanath Swami.

  6. Kalpana Kulkarni says:

    So relevant to the current situation!

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