Sri Sri Radha Vinod

Radhanath Swami had taken devotees to Yatra to Vrindavan ten years back and the group also had visited Jaipur at the time. Radhanath Swami was lecturing about each famous temple of Jaipur. We had been to a temple of Sri Radha Vinod and i was attracted to this deity the most.

In 2008, we were back again in Vrindavan with Radhanath Swami. Radhanath Swami was telling us the importance of serving  Sri Sri Radha Vinod and when i saw once again Sri Sri Radha Vinod, i had this desire to serve them somehow, but i retracted thinking how can i serve Them directly.

Lately, we went to Jaipur and stayed there for 4 days. The priest of Sri Sri Radha Vinod was very kind to us and invited us for prasadam. We could understand from their life style that they had difficulty in getting bhoga for the Lord and hence we did not go although we said we would come. That evening, when we went to take darshan of the deities, the Pujari asked us why we did not go for prasadam. He had made prasadam and since we did not go, he had to feed that to cow. We felt bad, apologized and he again gave us an offer to have prasadam the next day. This was not to be missed.

The next day we went there and the prasadam oozed love like anything. I told my husband to give them some substantial donation as a service. I found nothing else to do as a seva since i did not feel qualified. After prasadam, the priest asked me if i could stitch. And i said,”Yes”. He then said, ” If i give you the measurements of the deities, would you stitch dresses for Them?”. I was stupefied. My mind reeled back to Radhanath Swami Yatra and the wondering which i had.

And i said, “Yes”.

As i write this i just want to tell all of you that Sri Sri Radha Vinod is very very merciful.

A small background of Sri Sri Radha Vinod Temple, Jaipur:

Radha_Vinoda blesses Radhanath Swami discipleThis is a small temple, located up some stairs on Tripoliya Bazaar Road. Radha-Vinod was installed by Lokanatha Goswami, who is mentioned in the Guru Vandana prayers. He was the first devotee sent to Vrindavan by Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. His most famous dicisple was Narottama dasa Thakura, who was a great poet. He composed many glorious Vaishnava songs in praise of Lord Krsna. The Radha Vinod deity is only about 12 inches tall. There are at least 15 shalagrama-shilas worshiped here.

Lokanatha Goswami resided in Vrindavan near the place called Chatravan. From Kishori Kunda in Umaraa Village. He discovered the deity of Radha-Vinod, and he established the deity in a temple in Vrindavana. Radha-Vinod were later installed in the Gokulananda Temple. These Deities were later moved to a temple in Jaipur due to fearing possible attacks by the Muslims.

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    wonderful reciprocation ……… hare krishna.

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