To give or to not give

Some days back, my wife, my son of four yrs old and myself were having dinner. And my son had his new tiffin box with him. I asked him if i could take that tiffin box to my office. And he very curtly and possessively said NO. To this, my wife very softly said to him that he should learn to give. She said who bought this tiffin box for you, your daddy, na? then why say no to him. As she said this, i thought, am i any different? My son immediately gave the tiffin box to me and said i can take it to office to which i was happy and returned it to him.

I was thinking and told my wife, we are no different from our son. Why is it that we don’t give the many things we like, to Krsna, and are always attached to it. Even though, He is the one who is giving it, we still cling on to them for our sense gratificatory pursuits. And then i told her, just the way you made our son understand, similarly for us, our guru makes us understand these things and cuts the knot of material attachments. Just the way our son listened to you, we should also completely make the instructions of our guru our life and soul. When my son gave me the tiffin box, I felt happy. Similarly, by giving back to Him, what He has given us, we will please Him. Not that He needs it, but we will be benefited in pleasing Him. With further purification, we will only want to please Him and not look for our benefits.

Krsna waiting for usH H Radhanath Swami empahsises,” A selfless act is that in which we are truly giving ourselves for the object of our love.” Now this could be a high ideal for many of us due to out enormous conditioning’s which we can’t even imagine about, what to speak about detect and then correct. But His Holiness says that unless we know what our ideals are, we will never strive for it. So this small incident in my life, gave me a constructive warning to shed the material attachments we have, which we apparently can’t see and need to work on before the end comes. We need to prepare ourselves slowly by working on our intentions, and taking few positive steps slowly and slowly.

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  1. Vijendra Patil says:

    Heart touching article ……give or not……….thank you for sharing

  2. Tulsi rasika devi dasi says:

    Inspiring story in Devotional Service. Thank you. Hare Krishna.

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